We all love a good takeaway! Australians love takeaway and many of us do it every week but in this blog I’m not talking about the 2 billion food industry but the takeaway we get from a training day or a meeting.

So what is a takeaway?

Definitions include:
♦ a conclusion to be made based on presented facts or information
♦ a main point or key message to be learned or understood from something experienced or observed

At the conclusion of the ACMN’s training day (Distinctively Different – Christian mentoring in a Fragmented World) earlier this month participants were asked to name their 3 takeaways from the day and this word cloud was the result. The bigger the font size the more times it was mentioned.

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Vision Boards for Inspiration, Reflection & Action

At our latest ACMN Zoom networking meeting we looked at a number of ways we can inspire and motivate ourselves and our mentees to reach for the goals we want to achieve. Creating a vision board was one example shared.


A vision board is a sacred place that displays what you want in life. When you hang it in a space where you see it daily, your vision board brings your goals and aspirations to life. A vision board is a physical representation of a goal or goals that you’re aiming to achieve.

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