About the ACMN

The Australian Christian Mentoring Network is a collegial association of people involved in the Christian ministry of mentoring who cooperate together for four purposes:

Training Aspiring Mentors

We hold training events to provide people with a basic grounding in the theory and practice of spiritual mentoring. We also supply presenters who can come and lead sessions on topics related to mentoring at your event or in your training institution from basic introduction up to Doctoral level. The training offered at our own events is non-accredited and highly accessible.

Ongoing Development

We run annual Forums featuring specialist input and peer learning for those presently engaged in the ministry of spiritual mentoring. Throughout the year we stay in touch sharing ideas and resources for mentoring. Our special focus is on developing mentors capable of serving transformational Christian leaders.

Point of Reference

We vouch for the integrity of those who are in relationship with the Network as people who hold to our shared values and have a sound grasp of spiritual mentoring. We realise it’s hard to know who to trust when choosing a mentor and try to help Christian leaders in that process.

Advocacy for Mentoring

We work to raise awareness of the need for spiritual mentoring and the benefits that it can bring especially for transformational Christian leaders. We encourage coordination and sharing of resources between people and agencies passionate about spiritual mentoring. We communicate through writing articles and speaking at conferences and work with leadership boards to craft effective solutions to their mentoring needs.

The Australian Christian Mentoring Network is registered with ASIC as an unincorporated structure, ABN 34 415 359 488.