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The Australian Christian Mentoring Network (ACMN) is a collegial association of people involved in the Christian ministry of mentoring who cooperate together for four purposes, namely mentor training, ongoing development, networking and referencing, as well as advocacy.

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‘Loving’ our Mentorees

In the last blog post, I talked about mentoring essentially being an act of love – responding to God’s love for the world, and loving others as we do that through mentoring.   But what does it actually mean to love our mentorees?

Is mentoring a ministry, a vocation or a profession?

Is mentoring a ministry, a vocation or a profession? The short answer is, yes! This question was raised in one of our recent member ‘check-ins’, and it’s a great question to consider. One look at the ACMN website gives a clear indication that mentoring happens across informal, formal and professional levels.

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