Conflict Competent

Our ACMN team enjoyed catching up with many of our subscribers, members, and friends at the Conflict Competent training last week. It was great to hear some unique input at each session and be part of the rich discussions and reflections on mentoring people in Conflict.  For the full notes and links to presentations, please

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Modes of Mentoring: a tool for use in contracting

By Rick Lewis People often ask, ‘What’s the difference between mentoring and…?’ Conversations starting from that question typically emphasise the distinctives of mentoring and separate it from, for example, coaching, or spiritual direction, or supervision, or counselling or whatever. But it’s a mistake to give the impression that there are clear, agreed boundaries between these

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Conflict Competent: Mentoring Others in Times of Tension

Conflict Competent 4

Conflict is challenging for Christians.  Christian environments are  both conflict prone and conflict averse.  We sadly don’t have a good history of managing our disagreements positively and well.  Consequently there is a lot of pain and hurt around conflict for many in leadership.  In fact, the stress caused by conflict is the number one reason

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Chris Gribble shares reflections on burnout

Four signs that indicated I was emerging from burnout 1. My creativity began re-emerging Truth’s daily task Truth is not clinging to a failed understanding, Truth is the soul’s daily work, The creative heart work of the true human. Another line in this poem that I wrote was that “truth lived brings laughter and tears”.

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Building Resilience 2015


Join Rick and Tim plus others in each state for a one day training, equipping and networking workshop for those with a ministry of mentoring.  Hosted by Australian Christian Mentoring Network. Resilience is key to sustainability. Fostering resilience in those we mentor is one of greatest gifts we can give them. It can enable leaders

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Mentoring High Capacity People

Rev Chris Danes – Syndal Baptist Next Generation Pastor, and director of Full Contact Leadership Coaching, led a high energy session on Thursday evening at our Formation 2104 conference on Mentoring High Capacity People. Chris presented a fascinating integration of the five levels of leadership with the Life, Death, Resurrection cycle in developing leaders. See

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Faith Hope and Love–Bible Studies

The three Bible studies which shaped our Formation 2014 conference were given by Glenda Holbrook from New Penninsula Baptist Church(Faith), John Morse, Principal of Tabor College Tasmania (Hope) and Ric Benson, Kenmore Baptist Church (Love). Faith Hope Love