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The Australian Christian Mentoring Network (ACMN) is a collegial association of people involved in the Christian ministry of mentoring who cooperate together for four purposes, namely mentor training, ongoing development, networking and referencing, as well as advocacy.

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We all love a good takeaway! Australians love takeaway and many of us do it every week but in this blog I’m not talking about the 2 billion food industry but the takeaway we get from a training day or a meeting. So what is a takeaway? Definitions include: ♦ a conclusion to be made …

Hope for Halfway

Hope for Halfway: Some thoughts for mentors At my house last week, it was a little crazy. The previously uninitiated had Covid, while I played taxi-driver to my husband who had a newly broken thumb, all while trying to complete some key projects. So, by Friday evening I was entertaining my favourite escapist activity: holiday …

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