Mentoring, Faith and Tough Times

How can mentoring impact faith in tough times?

She was daily on the edge of physical exhaustion. Poor health in the wake of Covid hadn’t taken her sense of calling away, it was simply that there wasn’t much ‘left in the tank’ to use an aussie idiom. After an appropriate amount of time off, she is returning to work and presents as being a bit unsure as to whether she is ready. How will she manage this return when her usual strategies of simply getting going and stretching into activities is contraindicated for her type of post covid recovery?

While there are many practical mentoring tools for assisting our mentees with regulating work and re-entering a fuller workflow, my focus today is on what part faith might play in this type of scenario. What does it mean to accompany someone intentionally with a shepherding style, a pastoral mentoring posture. Here are three options for your consideration. Continue reading “Mentoring, Faith and Tough Times”