Month: July 2018

Asking Questions to Discern Emotional Health

By Rick Lewis Why ask questions about emotions? Emotions in themselves are not susceptible to moral evaluation; they simply are what they are, neither wrong nor right. Yet it’s important to track emotions in Christian mentoring. There are several reasons

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Emotionally Healthy Mentoring Seminars 2018

It has been great to catch up with folk at the Mentoring Seminars we have been running this week in Sydney and Adelaide.  Rick and Sally were hosting the Sydney Event and Tim was in Adelaide.  We all appreciated Keith

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  • 26th Jul, 2018
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Facilitating Change

By Rick Lewis I am firmly convinced that Christian mentoring necessarily involves helping a person consciously, deliberately and freely move from their present state of affairs to what, in God’s eyes, is a better state of affairs. That, in turn,

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