The Importance of Mentoring

Why go it alone? Why not allow others to strengthen your life by coming alongside you? Fear of exposure? Fear of failure? Those who are available to mentor you often know what it’s like to fail and what it’s like to have life fall apart.

The value of mentoring is incalculable. It’s immense. Having someone coming alongside you makes such a difference.

So, why is mentoring so important?

Hundreds, in fact thousands, of Pastors and Leaders have shipwrecked after having first stepped into ministry. Having a mentor gives the opportunity to have someone come alongside you to strengthen you in your life and ministry. What a difference it makes!

What about you? Will you ‘go it alone’ taking the risk of sorting things out yourself?

Such a risk! Why not have someone strengthen you in life and ministry? The cost? Yes, it does cost to invest into your life and ministry. Church should pay, but if not, or if only partly covered by church, covering the cost yourself is well worthwhile. It’s an investment into your well-being.

When Jesus calls us to ministry, He doesn’t say come follow me ‘for a few years’, or ‘for a decade and then step into something else’. He calls us to follow Him and to serve Him for a lifetime.

Honestly, sociological, psychological and spiritual data can clearly show us that the only way to succeed for a lifetime in ministry is to have someone coming alongside us in ministry.

But what does Mentoring look like you may say?

Like someone who is ready to listen, to support, to encourage and sometimes to challenge or guide you with the best steps forward in your life and ministry. They don’t take control, they’re not intrusive, they’re not trying to be in charge of your life. But they are seeking to come alongside you to encourage and guide you in steps forward so that you may flourish doing wonderfully in each area of life and ministry.

So, is mentoring important? No! It’s vital!! It’s essential!! Without it how can we do ministry alone? Accessing a person who can come alongside you is a gift and an essential investment.

The importance of mentoring: essential!

– Brian Birkett


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