10 components of resilience in ministry as we face COVID19

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Following are 10 components of resilience with development strategies for times of adversity like COVID-19.    

What we are experiencing with COVID-19 and its implications for community life is not just higher stress, it is unusual adversity.  This requires more than simply up-scaling normal self-care practices.  Self-care is critical and remains needed, however in times of adversity a different capacity we refer to as resilience is required for the length of time the adversity impacts us.  

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10 ways COVID 19 is significantly impacting Christian leaders and pastoral ministry

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COVID-19 is creating significant adversity in ministry and leadership.  As I talk with pastors, there are 10 ways in which this impact is being felt.   

Pastoral load is significantly increasing because of the pandemic
Many church members are anxious and stressed.  They are isolated, fearful and some may be ill and even dying.  At times like this people usually turn to the church for solace and at present the lack of physical church support is very challenging for them and for us who minister.  In the last few weeks, I have heard of ministers making around 20 calls a day to members of their churches. 

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Emotionally Healthy Mentoring Seminars 2018

It has been great to catch up with folk at the Mentoring Seminars we have been running this week in Sydney and Adelaide.

Rick and Sally were hosting the Sydney Event and Tim was in Adelaide.  We all appreciated Keith Farmer’s reflections on emotional health and mentoring.  Steve Smith complemented the input in Sydney and Tony Ling contributed in Adelaide, both from their own research.

If you attended the seminar and are looking for some reproducible copies of the handouts for use in mentoring please follow the links below.

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‘Passing the Baton’ 2018 Mentoring Seminars with ACMN founder Dr Keith Farmer

Mentoring Christian Leaders for ‘who they are’ so they can ‘stop well to go well’

A video recording of the “Passing the Baton” mentoring seminar has been made available from the sessions held at the Compassion Australia offices in Newcastle on 28th & 29 June, 2018. Continue reading “‘Passing the Baton’ 2018 Mentoring Seminars with ACMN founder Dr Keith Farmer”

Conflict Competent

Our ACMN team enjoyed catching up with many of our subscribers, members, and friends at the Conflict Competent training last week. It was great to hear some unique input at each session and be part of the rich discussions and reflections on mentoring people in Conflict.  For the full notes and links to presentations, please register / log in on this site and follow the link to Conflict Competent Notes and Files.

Conflict Competent: Mentoring Others in Times of Tension

Conflict is challenging for Christians.  Christian environments are  both conflict prone and conflict averse.  We sadly don’t have a good history of managing our disagreements positively and well.  Consequently there is a lot of pain and hurt around conflict for many in leadership.  In fact, the stress caused by conflict is the number one reason pastors leave ministry.  In this day seminar, we will explore three elements of conflict and how you as a mentor can help those you work with to act with wisdom and integrity when they find themselves in tension.  We will look at common causes of conflict, how to assist others frame conflict in  helpful ways, constructive behaviours in conflict and how to mentor others toward competency in conflict management.

Keynote Speaker – Tim Dyer

Tim teaches conflict skills to leaders in the Arrow Program, at several Theological Colleges and regularly to pastors and clergy conferences. He consults with congregations in conflict in trains conflict management teams for a range of Australian Christian Denominations. He is part of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network and provides the Peace Train website for conflict resolution skills in Christian environments.

There will be a local presenter in each of the workshops.


$100 per participant

$75 for current ACMN Members with a 2016 paid membership (please note, this is not the same as being a registered user of this website)
Notes, morning and afternoon teas provided—(does not include lunch)

To register:

We are using the Eventbrite registration system to manage attendance this year. Please follow the links below.

Brisbane – 5th September

Sydney – 6th September

Melbourne – 7th September

Adelaide – 8th September

Perth – 9th September


Mentoring High Capacity People

Rev Chris Danes – Syndal Baptist Next Generation Pastor, and director of Full Contact Leadership Coaching, led a high energy session on Thursday evening at our Formation 2104 conference on Mentoring High Capacity People.

Chris presented a fascinating integration of the five levels of leadership with the Life, Death, Resurrection cycle in developing leaders.

See his presentation here.