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  • Candice Hewitt

    Central Coast, New South Wales

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  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm, 7pm-9pm
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  • Trust you are well. My husband and I of now 10 years enjoy the water and the coast and live in North Avoca on the Central Coast. We have two young boys, now 3 and 1 years old. I am in my mid thirties and have spent my younger years travelling, in ministry, having babies and studying. I love to run, surf, play with my boys, especially at the beach and enjoy my husbands excellent cooking skills. My skills definitely lie elsewhere!

    9 of my 13 years of Ministry experience have been within the Sunday Gathering space. Empowering, equipping and encouraging people to serve the church and those in our community.

    I am now moving into a not so chartered waters for our church community in the missional space, mentoring leaders of Home Groups and Home Churches. Therefore, serving leaders who are leading Christians and those who are yet to believe.

  • I have been mentoring in a formal capacity for around 7 years and have mentored over 20 people. Most of these people have been in the 20-30s age bracket and majority have been women. Though, I myself have been mentored for many years by a male and welcome his counsel in my life and would count it a blessing to do the same for someone else.

    In brief I follow Keith Farmers Mentoring Scaffold, with influences from ACOM’s Spiritual Formation. A mentoree can expect that we would have an initial informal conversation, then we would enter a trial period for both people. We would then make a commitment around frequency.

    It is my favourable approach that someone would tell their story in as much detail as they desire (omitting anything/everything they feel uncomfortable sharing at the time) in one of the first few sessions, so that there is a foundation to begin with.

    A mentoree would then expect me to ask 5 questions each and every time we come together (where appropriate);
    - How are your key relationships?
    - How is your relationship with Jesus?
    - On a scale of 1-10 how are you feeling you are going mentally/emotionally/in ministry?
    - How is your physical health?
    - Can you discern an area of vulnerability in your life that the enemy could use to disarm you?

    If I was to consider my personal strengths, this may be an awareness/discernment around the impact of someone’s story on their current behaviours and emotions and bringing these areas to consideration.
    If I was to consider my personal weaknesses, these would be include my positive bias as a key aspect of my personality.

    One rule a mentoree will notice about my presence is that I hope to say very little in the first half of the session so that the mentoree has ample time to consider their thoughts. I have often found myself in the most fruitful of sessions and I have barely said a word. These sessions I celebrate as a true testament to the inner work of the Holy Spirit.

    I am thankful to be able to serve in this area and consider each opportunity a real blessing to me personally.

  • Relationship Psychology
    Behavioural Psychology
    Emotional Psychology
    Local Church Ministry
    Christian Leadership
    Spiritual Formation/Christian Spirituality

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Macquarie University, Sydney
    Masters of Arts (Christian Spirituality) ACOM, Sydney
    Currently studying Masters of Divinity ACOM, Sydney
    Member of Australian Christian Mentoring Network
    Various Formal Mentor training with ACMN over the last 3 years
    Endorsed Minister of Churches of Christ
    Over 13 years of Paid Ministry Experience at Coast Community Church; Tumbi Umbi and Bensville Campus’

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm, 7pm-9pm
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