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  • Ivan Herald

    OzFame Inc

    Used in ministry nationally, New South Wales

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  • Now semi-retired. Ivan founded OzFAME (Australian Family & Marriage Education in 1989). Together with his wife over 120,000 people have gone through their Marriage/Relationship Seminar, under their personal presentation, over 500,000 through all of their various single sessions in seminars. Author of 13 books and numerous key church programs in areas of Leadership, Marriage & Family.
    Awarded 'Citizen of the Year' in 2,000, in 'Community Services,' at Parliament House for his work in Marriage/Family.
    55 years in ministry. Held Executive positions State & National for his denomination for over 25 years. On the select committee/s that wrote his denomination's position papers on both: 'Ministerial Discipline & Restoration,' and 'Divorce & Remarriage.'
    Leadership/Pastors/Minister's Conference Speaker worldwide. Pastored very successfully for many years, then was senior lecturer at his denomination's National Bible College, eventually ending as Acting Principal. In itinerant ministry for 32 years traveling widely throughout Australia and overseas.
    Married to Pauline (55 years/2021). Together they have 3 very highly successful children. Live in the hills area of Sydney. A pastor to pastors for many years.

  • Pastoral & Leadership support and development, inclusive of individual's marriage and family relationships. Supporting Ministers & Leaders (as well as churches), going through personal crisis and difficult times. Mediating in church conflict situations.

  • Marriage & Family.
    Leadership Development.
    Pastoral Care
    Stress & Burnout Management.
    Conflict Management.

  • Studies in Bachelors, Masters through to D.Min, In Ministry - specialising in the counselling side of studies, especially Conflict Management issues relating to church life, in both Masters & Doctoral degrees.
    Ordained Minister with Australian Christian Churches for over 50 years.

  • By appointment by phone (0428-462800)
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