Become a Member of the ACMN

If you are actively involved in mentoring in Australia and you consider your mentoring to be operating from a Christian framework, we invite you to apply for membership with the Australian Christian Mentoring Network.

For an annual fee of $50, those actively engaged in Christian mentoring ministry may take up membership in the Network. Members contribute financially and share articles and resources with one another, making possible the existence of the Network.

Because members must meet and maintain certain criteria, membership of ACMN carries with it an endorsement of our members as trustworthy Christian mentors. Members may construct their own profile on the ACMN LinkedIn page and have access to extra resources on our own ACMN website.

To become a member there are three steps:

1.  Please register for this site if you have not already joined.  Wait for approval and login.

2.  Download and complete this Application Form (Word Document), save it with your name in the title and email it to <acmnetwork70 @> (Note there are no spaces in this email address, spaces are added to defeat spambots.)  The Application Form contains a request for a short profile of yourself and your mentoring ministry experience along with your contact details.  It requires you to have read and agreed to abide by the ACMN Code of Ethics (see below). It asks for a paragraph of commendation from someone representing your supervisor, pastor, or someone to whom you are accountable, along with a phone number or email address at which that person may be contacted to provide a references for you.  It also asks for details of any training you have completed that is relevant to your mentoring ministry.

This information will not be shared beyond the ACMN leadership and will only be used for the purpose of establishing your suitability for Membership of the ACMN. A member of the ACMN leadership will get in touch with you for a conversation. If your application is successful you will be provided with:

  • Details of how to pay your first year’s subscription fee of $50
  • An explanation of how the restricted area of our website operates
  • The right to use the letters ‘MACMN’ after your name as a way of authenticating your standing as a bona fide Christian mentor.

Please do carefully read the ACMN Code of Ethics before making your membership application.

ACMN Code of Ethics 2015