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Keeping Focus in Mentoring

by Janet Woodlock.  It’’s possible to drift in mentoring relationships. They can become a pleasant catch up, but be relatively ineffective in helping another grow personally, spiritually, and vocationally. Indeed, they can become frustrating sessions, where old issues are re-hashed with little evidence of increasing maturity or responsibility in the mentee. One of the most

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Mentoring in Groups and Between Peers: Alternatives to the One-to-One Mentoring Model

by Rick Lewis.    Where experienced, competent mentors are hard to find, a group-mentoring model may be attractive. Compared with a one-to-one approach, groups for mentoring among peers have both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: a greater number of perspectives are available; a greater variety of ideas may be generated; members experience strong accountability due to peer

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Ancient Art for a Postmodern Context

By Rick Lewis We maintain that spiritual mentoring is a thoroughly Christian discipline, and an ancient one at that. But if that is so, why has it not been on our radar until relatively recently? Although the term mentoring wasn’t used in its current sense until 1699 in the writings of Francois Fenelon, the practice

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