Membership Categories

In 2020 ACMN introduced 3 membership categories for ACMN members. Knowing the way you carry out mentoring helps the ACMN serve you better and informs how we plan for future expansion of the Network’s capabilities.
All categories incur the same membership fee and equally require adherence to the ACMN Code of Ethics.  You can update your Membership Category on your Website Profile.
  1. INFORMAL — Those who offer mentoring on an informal basis to a small number of people and do not seek any remuneration for this ministry.

  2. FORMAL (*) — Those who offer formal (or vocational / as part of role responsibility), structured mentoring, usually with a written agreement, but do not receive any direct remuneration for this ministry.

  3. PROFESSIONAL (**) — Qualified mentors who offer formal, structured mentoring with written agreements and who receive remuneration for this ministry.
Professional indemnity / Public Liability (PI/PL) Insurance

(*) PI/PL Insurance is recommended, but not required for the FORMAL category. 

(**) PI/PL Insurance is required for the PROFESSIONAL category. Please provide a copy of your current Certificate of Currency to ACMN.