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  • Keith Edwards

    Hunter, New South Wales

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  • With over 40 years of experience in ministry and leadership, Keith has a wealth of knowledge that will assist leaders, staff
    and pastors in local churches in a vast array of personal and ministry growth. His heart is to see people thrive in the local church setting by
    helping them to work through challenges that they face and to see them strong and healthy in areas where they may feel depleted or
    drained. In working through the areas of life that impact mental and emotional health, Keith will help people to find the joy and buoyancy
    in life that may be missing. All counselling and mentoring will have a Christian focus and Keith has been endorsed by the Australian Christian Mentoring Network.

  • Teams; leaders; church staff; NGO staff; Christian school staff; focus on health, strength, building for longevity and maturity.

  • Police Chaplain; Pastoral ministry & Leadership for 40 years; Leadership, Pastoral, team building, counselling, missions

  • Pastor Emeritus; Certificate & Diploma in Counselling; Bachelors in Ministry, theology, counselling; Graduate Diploma in Leadership;
    Australian Christian Mentoring Network

  • Flexible
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