Keith Farmer

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  1. Donald Smallbone
    Tim Hanna & Keith Farmer

    Thu, 9 Sept at 1:27 pm

    Hi Tim/Keith,

    I am so grateful for the initiative that brought the 4 mentoring sessions to us.

    The practical nature of the content was so helpful and the stimulus toward spiritual equipping was not only stimulating in the interests of raising the mentoring function to a level of excellence in the interests of a mentoree, but personally motivational to me.

    I respect and admire you and Keith for the heartfelt care that you demonstrated in bringing your knowledge and sensitivity to us all – in the interests of being better mentors for Jesus; and to those who give themselves to minister for Him.

    Now it falls to me to review what I can recall from these sessions with an openness to our Lord, so I can be the best mentor I can be made – in response.

    In obvious appreciation,


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