Heart & Soul 2022

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Our full day annual training event will be happening in-person on multi-sites around Australia, and will include a mixture of live presentation and exclusive recorded content from leading experts. You’ll gain new ideas and fresh perspectives, participate in Panel sessions and breakout discussions, all while enjoying rich community connection and networking. 

This training event will help you consider the impact of trauma on the emotional health and sense of identity – the heart and soul – of people you work with.

Mentors, coaches, supervisors, and ministry workers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of trauma on those they serve. Recent research provides a helpful understanding of how this happens and what to look for. Trauma results from an event or series of events that is experienced as physically and/or emotionally damaging, harmful or threatening and that has lasting adverse impact on an individual’s capacities to cope, develop or live with wellbeing and fulfilment.

While we are clear that mentors are not therapists and do not diagnose or treat trauma itself, the widespread experience of trauma means that any who work with others for their personal growth or development need to be ‘trauma-informed’. If we are unaware, we may actually cause further harm rather than the good we intend. Being well-informed is the first step in making wise adaptations in how we relate.

This Australian Christian Mentoring Network training event is designed to introduce the concept of trauma-informed ministry as it applies to mentoring and other related fields of work. It will provide insight into how to work appropriately with those who may disclose the experience of trauma or suffer from its ongoing impact.

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