Perspectives Webinar

Narrow, fuzzy and distorted perspectives can be greatly improved with the aid of an equipped conversation partner. 

The ACMN ‘Perspectives’ webinar is for anyone who works with others to help them to respond faithfully to God, and especially for those who do this through mentoring.

A person’s response to God depends to a great extent on their perspective on what is going on in their world, and so this webinar will:

  • Build an understanding of how humans develop their perspectives,
  • Equip you with practical tools and skills to help others broaden and sharpen their grasp of their situation, and
  • Provide you with ways to develop and keep your own perspective clear and balanced in your interactions with others. 
No matter what your level of experience, from beginner through to professional, join this webinar to strengthen your ministry.
Meet our presenters:

Meet our presenters and hear what they’ll be speaking about!

session Topics:
Part A

   Blindspots and Blinkers: Concepts
   –  Grids and theories – Monica O’Neil
   –  Reframing: 6 classic reframes – Tim Dyer

   Stretching and Seeing: Tools
   –  The value and limits of inventories – Angela Jolly
   –  Feedback loops and learning projects – Brian Birkett
   –  Action/consequence analysis – Rick Lewis

Part B

   Mentoring Practice: Skills
   –  Divergent, convergent and focussing processes – Tim Dyer
   –  Integrating a Biblical perspective – Rick Lewis
   – Shifting perspective with questions – Angela Jolly
   – Demonstration of how to use tools and skills – Sally Jones

   Underbellies and Traps for Mentors
   –  Empathy as our way of seeing and being – Brian Birkett
   –  The Shohet ‘Seven Eyes’ model – Monica O’Neil
   –  Demystifying psychological traps – Sally Jones
   –  Crafting your own self-development agenda

Session Times:

This interactive online seminar is spread over two sessions on two different days, so you can choose your preferred day or mix and match the sessions!

Part A  11:30am – 3:00pm  (AEST)
Part B   6:30pm – 9:30pm  (AEST)

Tuesday 3rd August OR Thursday 5th August 2021

Ticket Prices:

ACMN Member $75
General Admission $100