ACMN Committee Members

Rick Lewis

Dr Rick Lewis is primarily a practitioner of mentoring, serving around 70 senior Christian leaders in Australia, the UK, Europe and South-east Asia.

Rick is the convenor of the ACMN leadership committee, founder of Anamcara Consulting in Australia, Director of Mentoring for ForMission in the UK and a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, having conducted action research into mentoring processes for pastors. His first book, Mentoring Matters, published in 2009, deals especially with formal, structured mentoring for Christian leaders. Woodlock

Janet Woodlock is an ordained Churches of Christ minister and qualified coach and trainer with the Christian Coaching Institute. She has been coaching and training coaches for over 10 years. She has trained as a ministry supervisor with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania and with the Christian Coaching Institute. She is Deputy Chair of Global Mission Partners.

Janet’s ministry experience includes working for the National Council of Churches in Australia in research and new initiatives, Churches of Christ in Australia as Federal Coordinator, and Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania in women’s leadership. She has been involved in initiating the Christian Playgroup NetworkFRANC, and a network of youth and young adult denominational ministry practitioners. She is a member of Ringwood Church of Christ.

Tim Dyer

Tim Dyer is a trainer of church consultants, mentors and leaders.  He is linked to the Australian John Mark Ministries network which focuses on care, development and support for clergy and the health of congregations. Tim is a regular speaker at Pastors’ and Clergy Conferences in areas of leadership, church systems, professional ethics, mentoring, conflict management and the impact of clergy sexual abuse. He contributes to in-service training programs for clergy and leaders across several denominations and states.

Besides mentoring pastors and leaders himself, Tim trains Christian leaders in the skills required to equip others to become leaders through intentional one to one mentoring. Tim has an interest in healthy congregational and parish life and consults with churches and denominations on processes which create and support parish health.

Monica O’Neil

Monica O’Neil is an experienced minister, facilitator, and strategy consultant, with a demonstrated history of working in professional training, supervision & coaching.  She is the Director at Vose Leadership and lectures in Ministry and Practice at Vose Seminary. Monica pastors Living Grace Dianella in Western Australia.

Dave Thurston

Dave Thurston has served in a variety of Presbyterian parish contexts; country NSW, and church planting in the Sydney suburbs and inner-city Sydney. Over thirty-three years of gospel ministry Dave has been privileged to mentor over eighty persons in ministry throughout Australia.

Dave is committed to being used by the Lord to growing people who are spiritually, emotionally, relationally and theologically healthy in ministry so they in turn can be used by God to grow healthy ministry teams and churches.

Carmen Wagenaar

Carmen Wagenaar is the part-time Administrator for the ACMN. She has completed a three year mentor equipping training program with MEQ Sydney, and works in a pastoral and administrative role at her church.