What Leaders are Saying

Who we are has significant impact on what we do.  Many Christian leaders are not aware of the incredible influence the well being of their inner world has on their day to day activities of ministry.  I have discovered through being mentored and being a mentor that these relationships can guide leaders to encounters with God.  These encounters help us to be more like Jesus and the work of the Spirit flows to us and through us more powerfully.
Peter McHugh, Senior Minister, Stairway Church Whitehorse

Rick Lewis – Author: Mentoring Matters

Every pastor and church leader needs a safe person that they can talk to abouttheir challenges, their struggles and their questions. Forming a mentoring relationship is one of the best ways to meet this need. I highly recommend it!
Mark Conner
CityLife Church

Mentoring offers a relational context that encourages us to go beyond just what we profess to reflect upon the message of our lives.  This is invaluable as we seek not only to preach the ‘good news’ of the Gospel of Christ but to demonstrate the reality of its power to our lives.
Gay Addison, Minister, Mount Pleasant Church of Christ WA.