Going Deeper to Go Further – Keith Farmer

Dr Keith Farmer was a founding member of the ACMN, which began in September 2009 after a gathering of mentors at Stanwell Tops that Keith organised. Having been a pastor and a theological seminary principal, as well a registered clinical psychologist, Dr Keith Farmer has been mentoring Christian leaders in Australasia for many years. He recognises the pressure of ministry and life, and also the alarming risk of burnout, and has produced a valuable resource to speak into this area, a book called Going Deeper to Go Further. Keith will be launching his book and presenting at a seminar on Ministry Health next week in NSW (see here for more details).

Copies of Keith’s book are available here, and Rick Lewis (chair of ACMN) has written a book review:

Going Deeper to Go Further – by Keith Farmer

This is the book Christian leaders need right now. Pressures that have been building for decades have come to a peak in recent times, bringing many able leaders to the brink. This is a serious book, but also a deeply encouraging one as Keith Farmer presents a hopeful and well-informed vision of how Christian leaders can flourish even in times like these.

There’s a deep understanding of the dilemmas facing Christian leaders – from within themselves, from their cultural context, and from the organisational structures within which they work. As the book moves from insightful diagnosis to practical solution, Farmer presents solid theological foundations, a simple and specific methodology through mentoring and finally a well-rounded overview of the processes by which Christian leaders can ‘go deeper to go further.’ Testimonies from several leaders who have walked this path ground the ideas in practical examples. For me, the greatest strength of the book is the way Farmer maintains the perspective of Christian spirituality throughout, anchoring our hope in the love and grace of God.

Dr Rick Lewis
Author of Mentoring Matters
Founder of Anamcara Consulting

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