Ideal Mentoree Qualities

Following from Tim Dyer’s insightful blog last month, here are a few additional thoughts in brief, dot-point form, about what kind of qualities help mentorees get the most out of their mentoring partnerships.

Great Mentorees will: 

Be devoted to Christ

    • desire to be like Christ
    • serve God wholeheartedly
    • submit to the work of the Holy Spirit

Be open

    • recognise they are beginners
    • are ready for new ideas and change
    • listen for God’s voice

Be determined:

    • are not satisfied with the status quo
    • work to overcome obstacles
    • exercise self-discipline

Be honest

    • are not evasive
    • are pro-active in raising pertinent issues
    • own their opinions
    • do not create false impressions


    • reflect on their lives
    • prepare good questions
    • consider what is said

Take action:

    • refuse to be passive
    • make clear decisions
    • commit to specific plans and carry them through

Take responsibility:

    • shoulder their own load
    • fulfil their commitments
    • own their failures and successes

Respect boundaries:

    • are sensitive in their demands
    • maintain confidentiality
    • do not take advantage of their mentor

Show appreciation:

    • acknowledge the value of mentoring
    • are considerate
    • pray for their mentor

— Rick Lewis

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