Reflective Questions to Dig Deeper

By Bruce Warwick

Endorsement of a ministering person in Churches of Christ in Queensland requires the completion of a 2 year Personal and Professional Formation Plan which involves a commitment to 3 goals and for these to be reflected in specific plans in 8 different areas.  Through the year each ministering person meets several times with a companion who helps them to revisit their stated goals and reflect on how they are going with their commitments in each of the 8 areas. 

Companions are encouraged to use questions that will help the conversation to go to a deeper level and invite a visiting of any resistances, struggles, arising issues in each area as well as any new empowerments and freedoms.  

From time to time, the companions are sent resources to help them in the times with their ministering persons.  This is one of those resource sheets.

Under each of the 8 areas there are 2 word pairings.  In the pairings, each word can serve as a beginning for a focussed conversation or as a key word in a question.  In some of the pairings, the 2 words reflect a particular tension that might possibly be felt.  In those cases, one question that the companion might bring is ‘How are you honouring both of these 2 in this season of your life.?’ Or perhaps ‘What conversation do these 2 invite within you?’

Of course, there would not be time in a normal session to visit all of these. They might be helpful spread over a year, or perhaps looked at during a one or two day retreat.

AREA 1:  Spiritual Formation
Prayer __________________________  Serving
Identity _________________________  Role

AREA 2:  Study, Culture and Theological Education
Head ___________________________  Experience
Timeless truths __________________  Emerging thinking

AREA 3:  Skill, Vision and Leadership Development
Leading _________________________  Managing
Vulnerability _____________________  Capability

AREA 4:  Support and Accountability
Alone __________________________  Together
Self – guided ____________________  Accountable

AREA 5:  Sharing in the Wider Church and Community
Relationships within the church ____  Relationships outside the church
Local church _____________________  Kingdom of God

AREA 6:  Personal Health and Lifestyle
Self care ________________________  Servant leadership
Leisure _________________________  Work

AREA 7:  Financial Plans and Resourcing
Planned future ___________________  Trust
Retirement ______________________  Work

AREA 8:  Family Time and Plans
Family __________________________  Calling
Renewing myself ________________  Marriage enrichment

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