Emotionally Healthy Mentoring Seminars 2018

It has been great to catch up with folk at the Mentoring Seminars we have been running this week in Sydney and Adelaide.

Rick and Sally were hosting the Sydney Event and Tim was in Adelaide.  We all appreciated Keith Farmer’s reflections on emotional health and mentoring.  Steve Smith complemented the input in Sydney and Tony Ling contributed in Adelaide, both from their own research.

If you attended the seminar and are looking for some reproducible copies of the handouts for use in mentoring please follow the links below.

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Facilitating Change

By Rick Lewis

I am firmly convinced that Christian mentoring necessarily involves helping a person consciously, deliberately and freely move from their present state of affairs to what, in God’s eyes, is a better state of affairs. That, in turn, necessarily involves the person having a clear idea of where they are, where God is calling them to be, and developing a desire to make the move forward.

But what about when a mentoree sets out on that journey to where they believe God is calling them to be and the process of change falls over? How can a mentor help to discern what is going on and why things are not progressing as first imagined? How can a mentor be a facilitator of positive change?

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