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  1. Hi Rick,
    I attended a seminar you led at Elizabeth Church of Christ last year.
    I am a prison chaplain and I lead a post release mentoring program called “Breaking Free” which comes under Baptist Care SA.
    We have a network of post release mentors through our own program and other Christian prison programs that meet 4 times a year for both networking and to build our skills as mentors. Our last meeting in May was very well received by those who attended.
    Wondering whether you would be available in your busy schedule to speak to our mentors on Saturday 25th August from 9.30 to 10.00am and then to answer questions. We finish at 10.30am. (We do start at 9am with a light breakfast).
    We do have funds set aside for our visiting speakers.
    Would love to have you come if you are available.
    Kind regards

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